Roken is Dodelijk | Pop folk indie | Crackity Jones

Roken is Dodelijk

« Hailing from Lille (France), Roken is Dodelijk compose an elegant indie pop. Their songs are continually wavering between the dark romance of Nick Drake and the cool light of Belle and Sebastian, with a pinch of dEUS sweat.
The six band members are constantly switching instruments and sing with the secret desire to get your legs moving and your lips blowing smoky sounds. You don’t know it yet, but Roken is Dodelijk may have already written your favourite song… » Rock en Seine Festival

Roken is dodelijk – Crackity Jones
Composed and mixed by Roken is Dodelijk
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Nicolas Djavanshir

Marvin Hood | Indie poplove | Dead

Marvin Hood

Warning ! Attempting to describe the music of MARVIN HOOD might involves risky metaphors! Is it the soundtrack from a prom night ruined by a sudden outer-space invasion? A christmas choir on helium staggering out of a sangria bar? Good vibrations from a « sunshine pop » combo who grew up in the northern rain? Box-car racers under acid effects? The Opening sequence of a cartoon based on domestic accidents? One thing is for sure : to describe the music of these 4 boys , you’re doomed to use the word « POP ».
Marvin hood – Dead

Composed and mixed by Marvin Hood
Mastering : R3myboy

Bobik ou Sacha | Music of Chance | Silver

Bobik ou Sacha

The music of chance, one violin, one cello, one of those Rhodes piano, one of these guitars made in Neptune, (New Jersey) in 1962 with glitter on it and lipstick pickup. Something pop and something old, some electricity, some shade. It sounds like a corrupt string quartet or a subdued rock’n’roll band trapped in sentimentality and in the dark folk mud.

Bobik ou Sacha – Silver
Marie Eberlé : cello, voice
Guillaume Hairaud : banjo, guitar, voice, arrangements, record, mix
Maud Kauffmann : violin, voice
Frédéric Tentelier : pianet T
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : @macfly

The Hanged Man and The Moon | Here Comes your Man

The Hanged Man and The Moon

The Hanged Man and The Moon is a rock quartet from lille driven by a mesmerizing female singer. Dark but heartful music, mixing stoner tension and lyric blues, the band suggests a travel in troubled waters, where drummer’s rythmic rolls make the double bass rumbling the guitar flurries transporting audience on a wild ocean, keeping smiling. A music navigating between electric storms and saving breezes, always on the open sea.

The Hanged Man and The Moon – Here Comes Your Man

Vocals: Frédérique Luczkow
Drums: Frédéric Boron
Guitars: Béranger Bierne
Double bass: Mathieu Deprez
Rec : Olivier Minne
Mix : Mathieu Deprez
Mastering : R3myboy

Shiko Shiko | Rock with noises, blips and buzzes | Wave of Mutilation

Shiko Shiko

Halfway between hedonistic Post Punk and Mutant Rock, Shiko Shiko creates epic compositions where furious rhythmic patterns are carelessly associated with wild guitar riffs and pop melodies. With a tremendous raw energy, their performances give to see a possessed band, expressing without any inhibition the emotion emitted from its music, as surprise as effective.
An intense whirlwind taking the audience as it goes though it, letting nobody cold.

Shiko Shiko – Wave of Mutilation

Composed, recorded et mixed by Shiko Shiko
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Christphe Bardey

Bison Bisou | Indie Rock | Number 13 Baby

Bison Bisou

As their name may suggest, Bison Bisou is about tenderness. These 5 boys from Tang, Sexual Earthquake in Kobe and Das Model had been brought up by 90’s indie rock, dancing on post punk in lost messy clubs, sometimes staring at esoteric post rock bands. Their first EP with Touming Magazine (Taïwan) on Crust Caviar Records in 2011 was fully guided by emergency, between easy listening, punk spirit and pop clarity. In 2012, Bison
Bisou is going further in the good old DIY ardour. The last release is a collaboration with mates of Shiko Shiko (Out on September, 2012 on Ideal Crash). 3 songs like Satan’s 3 knocks on the door.
Bison Bisou – Number 13 Baby
Charly Lazer (Chant), Christophe Baisez (Guitare), Bastien Gournay (Batterie/Chant), Sébastien Lordez (Basse)
Mix & Recording : Sébastien Czeryba
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Renaud Coilliot

Cercueil | Ghost Opera | Hey


CERCUEIL : pronounced “Sir coil”, means « coffin »…in french.
Ghost opera, still life poetry and black divas’s rage who break the crystal, CERCUEIL sounds like opioid sensuality, electro sewn with gold thread, noisy new-wave and icy core.

Cercueil – Hey
Pénélope : Voice, keyboards
Nico : Bass, guitar, electronic
Olivier : Drums
Recorded and mixed at Puce Moment/Cercueil studio
Drums recorded at Douanes at Dunkerque by Adrien Michel
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Cercueil

Lepolair | Postronica | Gouge away (Pan Aurora cover) Remix

Widely influenced by iceland and japanese scenes (Sigur Ros, Mùm, Björk/ Aoki Takamasa), Lepolair is the proof that digital music may be subtle and emotionaly charged. Technically, his music can be define as a labyrinth of clicks, Keys layers, cracking sounds, various effects and voices fragments. The results is a loving poetic music, imbued with a lightful melancholia.
Lepolair – Gouge Away (Pan Aurora cover) Remix
Mix and Remix : Lepolair
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Thomas Darras

Peru Peru | Casiotronic pop lofi | Mr Grieves

Peru Peru

Lille’s favorite Casio pop band, PERU PERU creates delicious but subtly crazy pop songs.
It’s as if BS 2000, Pavement and Au Revoir Simone met for a tea party in Cordillera de los Andes. They first started as a 2 girl bedroom project, by former members of some much-loved underground bands: Amelie of Superstar Disco Club and Radiateur’s own Julie. The band turned into a five piece ensemble with the addition of Oli & Ben from Luminocolor and Alix from the hardcore band Gay Corporation.

Peru Peru – Mister Grieves
Amélie, Julie, Benoit, Olivier, Alix.
Rec & mix : Olivier
Mastering : R3myboy

Pan Aurora | Post apocalyptique electro | Gouge Away

Pan Aurora

A French quartet formed in 2010, creates music that combines the warmth of pop and electro with the cold glittering lights of new wave. After sharing the stage in 2011 with Christian Fennesz, Pony Hoax, François & the Atlas Mountain, the band is on the brink of releasing “inward”, its debut EP.
Pan Aurora’s music has been compared to: Wild Beasts, Talk Talk, Grizzly Bear, Suuns.
Pan Aurora – Gouge Away
Jean-Baptiste Mahieu, Guillaume Pervieux, Jordan Gauthier, Nicolas Bertin
Mix : Jean-Baptiste Mahieu
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Laetitia Taschatt

We Are Enfant Terrible | Electro pop rock 8bit | There Goes my Gun

We Are Enfant Terrible

We Are Enfant Terrible truly are the enfant terribles of the 8-bit electro-pop world. A French trio composed of three Lille natives who share a passion for fashion, video games, and wildly-thoughtful dance music. In their short run as a group they’ve developed a passionate fan base on both sides of the Atlantic. Their debut full length Explicit Pictures (rel. Apr 4 UK/Europe – Apr 5 North America, Last Gang) perfectly showcases their knack for creating saucy hooks you cant shake and witty lyrics that are either teasing or self-mocking.
We are enfant terrible – There goes my gun
Rearrangement : We Are Enfant Terrible
Record, mix : We Are Enfant Terrible & modernthom
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Stéphane Hervé

Marklion | Techno acid old school noisy pop | Monkey Gone to Heaven Remix

MarklionEverything begins at 8 years old when he discovered his old uncle’s collection. Old electronics, games, synths… His passion for sound experimentation was born, growing years after years.
Discovering in his early years the infinite possibilities of electronic, he founded his first band at 11 years old and began with some 4 channel recordings. In 1994, he discovered computers and were fascinated by its numerous possibilities. In 1997, he founded Tone Rec, mixing rock and experimental electronic music. In 1999, he founded DAT politics, which is about Digital Pop. Since 2010, he’s MARKLION. Hard to classified, the project is located somewhere between noisy pop and old school techno acid
Marklion – Monkey gone to heaven Remix
Mix and remix : Marklion
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo by Luk Vanderplaeste

Fat Supper | Froggy rock band with extra loud heartbeat | Monkey Gone to Heaven

Fat Supper

Power Trio featuring Leo Prud’homme as a furious screamer (founder of Le88man and keys with ‘Red’), André Rubeillon, crazy melodist (Founder of Moon palace and cowriter of leo88man) and Pierre Marolleau, Beat machine (drummer in Fordamage & My Name Is Nobody), Fat Supper is providing a made in Stax Groove with a no banana peel under-rock.

Fat Supper – Monkey Gone To Heaven
product and mix by Leo Prud’homme
drums : KLM
choir : Sam Nolin
guitar, voice : Leo Prud’homme
mastering : R3myboy

Chateau Brutal | Rock + Fat | Bleed

Chateau Brutal

They are uncought, clumsy, heavy, self centered, square, pretentious, arrogant, they have a sheety accent, they love beer, they are close to illiteracy, they are too old to play the music they play, they are stubborn.
They are marvellous. …

Chateau Brutal – I Bleed

Musicians : Sideburn, Cusmar B.
Featuring : Julie vous aime, Comegetcha
Rec : Moustache
Mix : Cusmar B.
Thanks : La Malterie
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : Nicolas Djavanshir

Le Duc Factory | Rock folk jam psyche jazz band | Debaser

Le Duc Factory

Le Duc Factory is rock quartet born in 2006 in Lille. Influenced in one hand by psyché and smooth atmospheres, and in the other hand by Kraut, Math Rock, garage and Jazz, le Duc Factory is releasing their second EP : « Hibou ». The band got noticed in UK and opened for bands such as Syd arthur, Wolf people, Rae, Polar Bear or Gong.
Le Duc Factory – Debaser

Albatross : Bass
Thom : Guitar, Vocals
Lotig : Guitar
Dimitri : Drums
Mixed par Pierre Warin
Mastering : R3myboy

Ed Wood Jr | duoguitardrumskeyloops | La la Evol you

Ed Wood Jr

Inspired by Hella, Battles or From Monument To Masses , Ed Wood Jr never fails to surprise. Between samples and Guitar loops, between equations and pure energy, this duet from Lille is creating ethereal atmospheres, disrupted by nervous and psychotic parts. Over and above complex structures combining syncopated rythms and mathematical parts, Ed Wood Jr is a rock band after all.

Ed Wood Jr – La La Evol You
Olivier Desmulliez : guitar, keyboards, voice
Thibault Doutriaux : drums
Record : Olivier Desmulliez
Mix : Olivier T’Servrancx @ Electrik Box Studio
Mastering : R3myBoy
Photo : Nicolas Djavanshir

Green Vaughan | Electro Rock | Tame

Green Vaughan

From distorted rock to catchy electro dancefloor beats, Green Vaughan offers an hybrid, nervous and definitely post-punk music.
The chaotic universe of this Lille based duet as everything to do with their peculiar musical past, and their « no limit » way of making music.
These two french inventors strikes us with strength, sincerity and feelings always crossing from weirdness to sensuality.

Green Vaughan – Tame

Recorded and mixed by Green Vaughan
Mastering : R3myboy
Photo : R. Stockman

HubResearch | Debaser Remix


Hello, I’m Sandro Morillon, aka HUB, HubResearch, DJ Hub… Mad about music, I had turned into electronic to take advantage of its formal liberty and its way to play with tecnologies and business. Dub, dubstep, drum, breaks ; production, djing… In brief, experimentation wich always take care of the dance-floor’s inhabitant. Enjoy!

Hubresearch – Debaser Remix
Mix and Remix : Hubresearch
Mastering : R3myboy